Pop Off Presents Yip Yip and Mixel Pixel

Pop Off Presents Yip Yip and Mixel Pixel
with DJ sets by Rocksteady Soundsystem FISHDICKS + HARDERSAUCE

Born out of a high-school friendship in March 2001 in the Orlando suburb of Winter Park, FL, quirky electronica duo Yip-Yip ( Brian Esser and Jason Temple) didn’t set out to perform live shows. Instead, they concentrated on making music at home, using a variety of keyboards, samplers, and other instruments to create their unique NES-meets-noise sound that eschewed melody for pattern and idiosyncrasy.

Mixel Pixel plays music that’s smart and willfully naïve at once, combining simple, dreamlike tunes that suggest the smirky younger siblings of Beat Happening with an aggressive but playful embrace of cheap keyboards, samplers, and electronic toys that allows their music to pulsate or drift at will.

Recommended if you like: Animal Collective, Architecture In Helsinki, Dan Deacon
Doors at 9:00PM, $10.00, 18 and up.