Pop Off: The Death of a Party

Appearing WEDNESDAY JUNE 24st, 2009

Urban Dictionary definition:

Pop Off – (v.) To lose one’s cool; become really pissed off. The idiom is in reference to a pressure cap popping off, usually resulting in a nasty burn or imminent explosion. Thus, the person who caused the pop off is about to get told or be destroyed, depending on the nature and severity of the inflammatory incident.

With Fishdicks and Hardersauce, Rocksteady Soundsystem, VJ Jay, and Etoile Boutique slingin’ the best in handmade and vintage textiles.Enter through the alley past Planet Pizza on Washington Street.
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Mikey from The Spitvalves in 2009,

Listen atwww.myspace.com/popoffparty

18+ 9PM Doors $3