The Get Up Kids return with new album, tour // Tour dates (VIA SoundSpike)

The Get Up Kids return with new album, tour // Tour dates at SoundSpike.

The Get Up Kids play at The Social, Wed. 2/23 & Thurs. 2/24 with guests Miniature Tigers and Brian Bonz

The Get Up Kids are set to release their fifth full-length studio album, “There Are Rules,” on Jan. 25, to be accompanied by an extensive U.S. tour.

“There Are Rules” is the band’s first full-length since 2004’s “Guilt Show,” and follows a four-song EP that was issued in April.

The Get Up Kids formed straight out of high school, and while barely out of their teens were already touring the nation with bands like Green Day and Weezer. But that was just the beginning; the Kids found themselves headlining national and international tours to support their breakthrough album, 1999’s “Something to Write Home About,” an album that helped to usher in a new era of Emo.

After years of relentless touring, burnout and band tension began to take their toll, and after a decade together, The Get Up Kids decided to disband and pursue other projects.

That was 2005. By late 2008, there were rumors of a band reunion, and by 2009, they were touring again and back in the studio recording new material.

Fans can get an early taste of the new album by heading to The Get Up Kids’press site for a free download of the single “Rememorable.”