Stream Wavves’ New Album, Afraid of Heights, From NPR

You can now stream Wavves’ newest album, Afraid of Heights, in its entireity thanks to NPR. They’ve got a stream of the entire album for free here. It shows how much Nathan Williams and his band have evolved since their early fuzzy surfer music, as this new album sounds heavily influenced by Nirvana and pop-punk bands such as Green Day and blink-182.

Here’s the tracklist:

1. Sail to the Sun
2. Demon to Lean On
3. Mystic
4. Lunge Forward
5. Dog
6. Afraid of Heights (feat. Jenny Lewis)
7. Paranoid
8. Cop
9. Beat Me Up
10. Everything Is My Fault
11. That’s on Me
12. Gimme a Knife
13. I Can’t Dream