Protest The Hero, Scurrilous (VIA Loud | The A.V. Club)

Protest The Hero perform with Maylene & The Son’s of Disaster, Tesseract on Friday, April 22.
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It’s been a long three years since the Canadian prog-metal wünderkinds in Protest The Hero released their last album, Fortress. As evidenced by their new full-length, Scurrilous, a lot has changed. Gone is any trace of Dillinger Escape Plan from the band’s tightly wound virtuosity—and also gone is the screaming. Granted, singer Rody Walker has always used his impressive range, but he’s packing all melody on Scurrilous. In fact, everything is more melodic on the new record, and the band’s previously jarring elements and transitions have all been boiled together; almost every second of every song teems with complexity. But does it work? Without a doubt. I usually have a deep, pathetic mistrust of overachievers of any kind, but the sheer epic, emotional beauty of Walker’s vocal lines—especially as they weave throughout the music and somehow tie the whole hyperactive mess together—is staggering. Critical reaction to Scurrilous so far seems deeply polarized—which often means the album in question winds up being considered a classic. I’d say that’s where this one is heading.

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