Peter Wolf Crier, Settling It Off (Hip-Hop Remix)

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Peter wolf Crier will open for Sondre Lerche on Tuesday, Nov 16th.

“Settling It Off” by Peter Wolf Crier from Secretly Jag on Vimeo.

It’s not so much a sound as a spirit. You don’t need to name it to know it or to trust it. Peter Wolf Crier’s 2nd album Garden of Arms is a document that paints a vivid portrait of all the pain & beauty of growth. Written with the at-home repose demanded by performing a hundred shows in 6 months, these 11 tracks were nurtured from their hushed origins with a new-found footing of confidence & experimentation. Adapting the tenets of the grinding live show, the duo of Peter Pisano & Brian Moen transformed the fuzzy distortion, rolling & crashing drums, + laser-focused purposefulness into an intensely dynamic yet supremely polished album.

The notion that any one of these songs could be your favorite depending on where your head & heart reside, moment to moment, is the most appealing aspect of this album. Throughout Garden of Arms, swagger is juxtaposed against an icy delicacy, making the scope of the record complex but somehow an easily digestible statement of how Peter Wolf Crier are rolling: a wheel, rusted with unrestrained hope.

It’s apparent from listening to the album that, for Pisano & Moen, 2010 was a both an absolutely exhilarating & a profoundly exhausting year. How they so evocatively & effectively channeled the fabric of their experiences into their body of work is not something they could do 2 years ago. This is a band that is just starting to figure out what they are capable of.

Watch the video for the 2nd single “Settling It Off” above & download an exclusive remix the duo just did featuring Joe Horton of No Bird Sing, Kristoff Krane & Alexei Casselle aka Crescent Moon from Kill The Vultures. All these guys are from Minneapolis (same as Peter Wolf Crier) & have toured together. While PWC is an indie band, both Peter Pisano & Brian Moen are big hip-hop heads.

“Settling It Off (Rap Remix)” | download