Music for Lovers (and Non-Lovers)

Whether you’re looking forward to or dreading the ‘day of love,’ music is a great way to spend America’s most notorious Hallmark day. It can set the mood for you and your gorgeous date or drown out the sorrow you feel for being single. It also has a weird way of making couples feel special as well as those singles in the room who find their happiness in the music and realize ‘they don’t need nobody.’ So this Valentine’s Day, instead of treating your lady to an obnoxiously over-priced meal or attending the cliche rom-com marathon with your gal pals, why don’t you get some concert tickets and enjoy some live music?

Here’s a couple of options for you:

  1. WJRR’s V-Day Unplugged w/Trapt @ The Social

Trapt, the American rock band known for their chart-topping hit, “Headstrong,” is doing an acoustic set at The Social. The band is from California and formed in the 90s while still in high school. Their latest album, DNA, was released in August of 2016. For some acoustic rock tunes, come out and catch Trapt in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Purchase tickets here.

  1. Bebel Gilberto @ Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts

Brazilian, Grammy-nominated singer, Bebel Gilberto, is known for her bossa nova style music. She is putting on a show at Dr. Phillips in anticipation of her upcoming EP Bebel Gilberto Live at the Belly Up. For a sexier, spicier night, Bebel Gilberto is a great option. She’s sure to turn up the heat while drowning out the sorrows. Purchase tickets here.

Whatever plans you decide to go with this V-day, we hope you have a lovely day! Always remember – Foundation Presents loves you!

Written By: Annaleigh Bonds, Marketing Assistant at Foundation Presents