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Monday – Oct 25

MGMT at Hard Rock Live (info & tickets)

Before MGMT’s second album came out earlier this year, the advance buzz was that it was a resolutely uncommercial screw-you to the fans, a complete 180 from their breakthrough ‘Oracular Spectacular’. It wasn’t. ‘Congratulations’ may lack a couple of TV/radio-friendly enormo-hits in the ‘Electric Feel’ or ‘Time to Pretend’ mould, but it’s not exactly ‘Metal Machine Music’, is it? In fact, ‘Congratulations’ is not all that different from its predecessor at all: there’s a few meandering, spacey-tunes; a couple of super-catchy, ultra-fun songs (I adore ‘Brian Eno’) and at least one slow and pretty song (‘Congratulations’ the title track). Live, expect some silly costumes, plenty of weird jamming, everyone getting confused during ‘Siberian Breaks’, and everyone – even those folks all the way back in the balcony – losing their marbles and screaming “Take only what you ne-eeeed from it” when they play ‘Kids’.

Tuesday – Oct 26

Phoenix/Wavves at the House of Blues (info & tickets)