La Roux, ‘In For The Kill’ (VIA MTV Buzzworthy Blog)

La Roux performs November 2, 2010 at Hard Rock Live.

(Credit: Andrew Whitton)

Hard to believe that La Roux‘s self-titled debut album came out more than a year ago. Since last September, the red-headed Brit chanteuse has been enchanting us with her powerful, emotionally naked, tuneful electro and her visually stunning music videos.

Well, La Roux the album and La Roux the artist (La Roux being the duo of Ben Langmaid and Elly Jackson) keep on giving. And now she has a new video, for her single “In For The Kill.” The track features some rather acrobatic vocal stylings from La Roux, and the video matches the ambitious music with a David Lynch-like portrayal of a seedy hotel (actually the famed Chelsea Hotel), full of voyeurs, snakes, sad sailors, Elnett hair spray and a slow-mo Elly Jackson, who seems to see all with her wandering eyes.

It’s another breathtaking video from one of the most exciting new artists to come along in years.

+ Watch La Roux’s “In For The Kill” video.