Just announced: Odd Future coming in November (VIa TheDailyCity.com)

TheDailyCity.com: Just announced: Odd Future coming in November.

Just announced: Odd Future coming in November

By Samir Mathur
Contributing writer
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Odd Future will play the Beacham Theater on November 3rd

Odd Future – or Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, if you’re not into brevity – are, by far, the most-talked about new band of 2011. I think I’ve only heard three of their songs, but I still feel like I know a whole lot about them. Let’s see: L.A. based gang of teenagers, all of whom do their own thing as well as perform with the group; not fans of Bruno Mars; one guy was sent to a juvenile facility in Samoa against his will; the main dude is called Tyler the Creator and he recently broke his leg; oh, and there’s some business about their lyrics being completely homophobic and sexist. Read this article about how GLAAD has spoken out against the band. Apparently you have to either love them or despise them: there is no middle way.

Anyway, they just announced a tour this morning, and it involves a stop in Orlando on November 3rd. It certainly promises to be interesting, as their live shows have a reputation for insanity. Oh, you don’t believe me? Check out the video above. That was just in a TV studio. It’s scary to think about what they’ll do to downtown’s newest venue.