Album Stream: Heartless Bastards – Arrow :: Featured Audio :: Paste

Album Stream: Heartless Bastards – Arrow :: Featured Audio :: Paste.

here’s a nice Thursday after noon treat, album stream of Heartless Bastards.

if you like what you hear, they’ll be playing at The Social on Wednesday May 16th.

click the link above to stream their new album, Arrow.

Published at 2:00 PM on February 7, 2012

By Kristen Blanton

Album Stream: Heartless Bastards – Arrow

The gesture of releasing an album on Valentine’s Day and titling it Arrow evokes unashamed romanticism. Society’s affinity with the hallmark holiday is one traceable to ancient dramas of martyr’s upstanding the valor of their mantra. It would seem ironic that a band with these overt allusions would call themselves the Heartless Bastards. These Ohioan indie rockers, however, aren’t your typical indie-rock band.

On Arrow, Heartless Bastards show that they’re seasoned musicians who have fully realized their sound, audience and strengths. They’ve been on the circuit for nine years, releasing three acclaimed albums under Fat Possum Records.

Their fourth album Arrow, their Partisan Records debut, assembles a variety of sentiments, with the spirit of the album lying in the heroism of “Down In The Canon,“ primal pleading in “Marathon,” and reflection in “Low Low Low.” Each track breathes life on its own. When experienced an a unit, a holistic romanticism emerges.

Drummer Dave Colvin and bassist Jesse Ebagh contributed their talents to Arrow, while the band enlisted guitarist Mark Nathan as well as producer Jim Eno to add to the raw sound on their previous album The Mountain. The expanded lineup infuses new flavor within Arrow.

Erika Wennerstrom revealed in a press release, “I’m so in synch with this band. Songs seem to go where I want them to go and it doesn’t take a whole lot of time. Even though I’m not very communicative, they know me well enough and get it.”

Arrow will be available on Feb. 14—stream it here all this week.