Add ‘Bad Books’ to Your Music Library (VIA

this Saturday, December 4th, Andy Hull & Kevin Devine play the music of Manchester Orchestra, Bad Books & Kevin Devine at 7:30PM at The Social

Add ‘Bad Books’ to Your Music Library

Written by ModClothBlog on Nov-24-10 10:00am2010-11-24T07:00:05

Don’t you love it when you stumble upon something completely unexpected, yet extraordinary?

That’s what happened this past Sunday—while double-checking tour dates for The Books, I happened upon indie-folk duo Bad Books, a collaboration between solo artist Kevin Devine and Manchester Orchestra’s Andy Hull. Reviews of their full-length noted similarities Elliott Smith and Neutral Milk Hotel, so I bought their album and gave it a listen-through on my way to work. And once more, at work. And then again.

With holiday gatherings around the corner, I see their mellow indie tunes as a perfect compliment to a potluck! Is there an artist or song you recommend adding to a holiday mix?