Spoon’s Britt Daniel Joins Another Supergroup, Plans New Spoon Album

Spoon frontman Britt Daniel is joining yet another supergroup this year, in addition to Divine Fits, which has yet to see its debut album release. This new group is called Spl:t S:ngle, and features Jon Wurster (Superchunk/The Mountain Goats) and Jason Narducy (Telekinesis/Guided By Voices). Britt Daniel will not be writing any songs, but rather backing Jason Narducy’s songs.

Daniel admitted that while Spoon does not have any solid plans for an upcoming release, there are songs being written. He told Exclaim, “to come up with some stuff for me to sing on top of. I just sort of suggested it — I don’t know if they’ll do it. I’ve also come up with a few things. But I’ll finish up with this, and we’ll get back together again.”