Snoop Dogg Changes Entire Direction, Becomes Snoop Lion

You read that right. Snoop Dogg decided to publicly announce today that he will no longer be called Snoop Dogg, as he has officially changed his name to Snoop Lion. The name change is to coincide his style change as well, as Snoop Dogg was a rapper, and Snoop Dogg will be writing and creating reggae music.

Straight from FACT:

Speaking to press in New York this week, Snoop claimed that he hadn’t planned to go to Jamaica to make a reggae record, but “the spirit called me … And, you know, anytime the spirit calls you, you gotta know that its serious.”

Indeed. Continuing, Snoop explained that he doesn’t want Reincarnated to portray “Snoop Dogg in a reggae track”, instead, claiming that he “want[s] to bury Snoop Dogg and become Snoop Lion”, after a spiritual meeting with a high priest in Jamaica. “Rap is not a challenge to me. I had enough of that. It’s not appealing to me no more. I don’t have no challenges … I’m ‘Uncle Snoop’ in rap. When you get to be an uncle, you need to find a new profession so you can start over and be fresh again.

Snoop Lion’s first album is called Reincarnated, as stated above, and will feature production by Diplo. The first single for the album is called “La La La,” and can be heard here, via YouTube.