Nothing But Thieves

Foundation Presents

Nothing But Thieves

grandson, Demob Happy

Fri · October 5, 2018

5:00 pm

The Beacham

$22.50 - $47.50

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Nothing But Thieves
Nothing But Thieves
Grandson is a 23-year-old alternative artist hailing from Canada. Born in the small town of Englewood, New Jersey, he relocated to the cultural melting pot of Toronto at a young age, and grew up surrounded by music ranging from jazz to rock & roll to rap, dancehall and R&B.

At 17, he moved to Montreal to attend university, and began working in nightclubs cleaning tables and DJing. He started writing music at this time, incorporating the unique blend of sounds he grew up surrounded by. He started experimenting with music production and rapping in 2013, dropped out of school and headed to Los Angeles to pursue music full time.

Adopting the "grandson" moniker while living in LA, he dove deeply into rock influences such as Rage Against the Machine, Nirvana and Led Zeppelin, while keeping an ear on the rap/R&B music emerging out of Toronto and alternative acts such as Twenty One Pilots and Hiatus Kaiyote. He found a small community of musicians to work and perform with in LA and eventually formed his band. Reminiscent of early punk and grunge music, grandson's live set attempts to create a frantic, mosh pit-inducing cathartic release of energy for fans.

Searching for his voice and for meaning in today's divisive, chaotic world, grandson's songwriting confronts the most pressing issues of his generation, such as financial inequality, governmental and environmental accountability and social justice, giving these topics a soundtrack with a genuine sense of urgency and frustration, while simultaneously touching on adolescence, relationships, and the insecurities and difficulties of growing up through your 20s. When asked about today's music scene, he says "I genuinely believe the world needs honest rock and roll, now more than ever."
Demob Happy
Demob Happy
A deep introspective trip for the ages, Newcastle-formed, Brighton-based trio Demob
Happy’s second album ‘Holy Doom’ peers into the depths of the human soul. Within each
person, there exists good and evil, a yin-yang axis we each try to navigate. There’s a sinner
inside every saint. With a gemini spirit, this remarkable full-length pinballs between pure
holiness and the lure of the devil, often within the space of one whirlwind song.
In 2017 and looking ahead to 2018, it might seem like darkness is getting the upper hand,
but ‘Holy Doom’ is less a reflection of the times and more a crucial, very current look at how
we collectively internalise what’s going on in the world. It asks pertinent questions: what
lurks inside us? What brings out the darkness we harbour? And how do we combat it?
Before explaining what makes ‘Holy Doom’ such an essential record for the year ahead, it’s
important to examine Demob Happy’s place in the world. Six years in the making, 2015
debut ‘Dream Soda’ cemented them as a resolute DIY force who’d played the long game,
unwilling to follow any trend, unphased by guitar music’s apparent stale patch. Hailing from
their hub on the coast’s Nowhere Man Café, they emerged with a sweat and dirt-stained
statement of intent, a rock debut that shunned convention and left every available route open
for the road ahead. Their next move was anyone’s guess.
Venue Information:
The Beacham
46 N Orange Ave.
Orlando, FL, 32801