Music for Lovers (and Non-Lovers)

Whether you’re looking forward to or dreading the ‘day of love,’ music is a great way to spend America’s most notorious Hallmark day. It can set the mood for you and your gorgeous date or drown out the sorrow you feel for being single. It also has a weird way of making couples feel special as

Adam Ant is BACK!

Adam Ant, formally known as the front man of Adam and the Ants, is known for his eclectic style and genre defiant music. He was a pioneer in the 80s with his Kings of the Wild Frontier album and has remained relevant through several different mediums and stunts ever since. While he got his start

Nora En Pure’s Bliss

The “Come With Me” chart-topping dance DJ and deep house producer, Nora En Pure, is out on her “Autumn & Winter 2017” tour turning clubs into blissful new worlds. She is a South African native who is Swiss based and creates feelings of serenity to an audience for a living. Nora En Pure is well-travelled

XXYYXX Brings His Beats Back to Orlando

On December 7, The Beacham welcomes back electronic artist, Marcel Everett, producer of the XXYYXX project, to his hometown. The best part – he’s bringing “Marijuana” producer, Chrome Sparks, with him. While many electronic fans are equally familiar with both artists, the Orlando show should be especially exciting for Everett as he takes all his

Minus the Bear

After spending the weekend at South by Southwest, Minus the Bear will take the stage at The Beacham to promote VOIDS, their latest LP since 2012’s Infinity Overload. Vocalist Jake Snider told Billboard that plans for a follow-up were complicated when long-time drummer Erin Tate left due to “medical issues” in 2015. VOIDS opens with

A Tribe Called Red

Cancel your plans—or make some—and head downtown to The Social this Thursday night. A Tribe Called Red, the celebrated DJ group out of Ottawa, is about to throw an indigenous-inspired dance party you won’t want to miss. Mix-men DJ NDN, Bear Witness, and 2oolman spotlight the music of First Nations while dropping beats that combine

El Ten Eleven

True to their namesake airliner, instrumental masterminds El Ten Eleven craft music that generates substantial force while maintaining a delicate, cloud-like lightness. Guitarist Kristian Dunn and drummer Tim Fogarty previously played in the indie-pop quartet The Softlightes but decided to ditch the weight of vocals—plus any sense of twee—and establish El Ten Eleven as a sophisticated,

Devendra Banhart

For the first time, Grammy-nominated folk-rocker Devendra Banhart will bring his distinctive sound to central Florida when he performs at The Beacham later this month. Citing everyone from Grace Jones to Guns N’ Roses as influences, Banhart draws on this eclectic musical knowledge to create intimate songs that blend and defy genres.  His latest album,